Join us every Tuesday for a new training tip as we prepare for the Annapolis Run For The Light House. For example:


  • Our half-marathoners looked STRONG last year! We’d love to have you join them and there’s still plenty of time to train. Check this link for a 16-week training plan and we’ll see you looking good at the finish line! 💪🏻 🏁 #trainingtiptuesday#annapolisrunforthelighthouse

  • “Take recovery days seriously.” Whether your long weekend was restful, or the opposite, this is sound advice year round from Alberto Salazar. Read his other nine golden running rules via this link.  #trainingtiptuesday#annapolisrunforthelighthouse

  • Our runners enjoyed an excellent post-race trainer led stretch from @theclubaac  Many runners wonder when and how they should stretch. We’ve got your answer in our Training Tip Tuesday here.

  •  Now that the weather is getting warmer and there are more daylight hours, many runners are coming out of hibernation. If you took a few months off from during the winter and are getting ready to pick up the miles, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you head out the door. Check out these great tips from Active #TrainingTipTuesday

  • Do you untie the laces before you take your running shoes off? That's just one of the tips in this article from VERY WELL FIT to help your shoes last longer! #TrainingTipTuesday